De-cluttering – how to make progress in 30 days

I am always on the look-out for things that will help my senior clients – and one thing that affects them, and really everyone, is clutter. Yes, it is particularly relevant for seniors trying to downsize, but in today’s economy many people have to move suddenly and others just collect things.

Well, one of my newsletters ( had a great suggestion – get rid of 3 things each day for 30 days and by the end of the month you will have eliminated 90 things from your house.

I have been trying this now for almost 10 days and have been keeping up. But I have a couple of suggestions/modifications to her method:

  • Don’t get rid of too many more than the 3 things in one day. If you start off with a few days of 10+ items, you may lose motivation when on day 4 you have “only” the minimum 3 items. Note: This suggestion does not apply if you have a set date for a move only if you are doing general de-cluttering. An alternative would be to set a maximum number of items per week, like 25 or 30 so that if you are really MOTIVATED one day that it allows you to get rid of a few extra items.
  • Have your three items be per 24 hours, not always per calendar day. You may get in the habit of always finding your three things in the mornings, but that same afternoon you run across something that you really should get rid of. Well, count it toward your next day (and the next morning you only have to “find” two more things).

As I said, I am working on this this month.  I’ll try to give you an update at the end of the month with other tips.

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